Arduino Servo R3 Servo Shield





Introduction: Arduino Servo R3 Servo Shield

I designed this shield to control mutiple servos.
I added 2 jumpers to select external power for heavy servos or 5 V from the arduino.

I appoligise for the bad english it isn't my native language.

Step 1: The Schematics

In this instructable i added al files from my design you guys are free to alter and use it and please post advise in comments.

Step 2: Making the Pcb

I used the toner transfer method to make my prototype.

There are a lot of instructables on this method so I'm not going in depth on this subject.

But i do have some advice

1. Clean the copperside of the pcb with the hard side of a sponge.

2. Apply pressure to the paper so it's stuck after that apply pressure on the sides for a few seconds

3. Adjust the heat of your iron to the paper for example : if it's thin paper then you don't put it on max

Step 3: The Parts

Once your done with the pcb you can add the parts

I used :

1. 45 male headers

2. 2 jumpers

3. 1 small phoenix connector

4. female header for stackable arduino shields

Step 4: The End Result

Once done it should look a little like this.

I ran out of connectors so i didn't place it on this one but is am stil going to do that.

This shield uses the same code as regular servos.



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