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This Lazy Old Geek has been using Arduinos for a while and I recently got into making my own PCBs:
Recently I was in need of making my own shield for my weather station.
Tip: Well, browsing through my Eagle Cadsoft libraries under Sparkfun, I found an Arduino shield. See picture. Fantastic! Now I am fairly new to Cadsoft but had no problem creating schematics but I didn’t look forward to having to place all those connectors in the right place on the board section so that they would mate up to an Arduino (shield compatible). Well, this part does all that.
Tip2: By the way three grounds in the lower left corner are not the same. They refer to different pins on the shield.
Use: So I used this library part to create my Arduino weather shield. See first picture.
Tip3: The adaFruit library has a similar one. See third picture. I like it a little better because the schematic symbol shows you where the pin connections are physically located.

The last picture shows what the part looks like on the schematic.
Libraries are located at:


Doug Paradis (author)2012-08-21

nicholasclewis has made similar Arduino shield libraries and modules available for KiCAD at

msuzuki777 (author)Doug Paradis2012-08-21

Thanks for the info.


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