Arduino LEGO Bluetooth Car





Introduction: Arduino LEGO Bluetooth Car

I made ARDUINO bluetooth car by LEGO.

It is very simple and cheep.

Let's start making!!

Step 1: Material

If you don't have It, you can use another things.

Step 2: Install Program

Install TeraTerm and arduino1.6.7v or arduino1.0.5v.

And copy this code.

void setup() {
pinMode(2, OUTPUT);
pinMode(3, OUTPUT);
void loop() {
if (Serial.available()){
byte data;
data =;
if(data=='w') //press 'w' forward
digitalWrite(2, HIGH);
digitalWrite(3, HIGH);
else if(data=='a') //press 'a' left
digitalWrite(2, LOW);
digitalWrite(3, HIGH);
else if(data=='d') //press 'd' right
digitalWrite(2, HIGH);
digitalWrite(3, LOW);
else //press another botton stop
digitalWrite(2, LOW);
digitalWrite(3, LOW);

Step 3: Video Instruction

Enjoy my video instruction.

This is my first project.

Thank you for watching!



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i like this project!!
i think you're exceptional talent in making:))

thank you! here is items/materials list.

1. Arduino nano

2. HC-06

3. DC Motor (Servo form) X 2

4. C1815 (NPN Transistor) X 2

5. Breadboard

6. Pin(arduino connector 2.54mm pin)

7. Jumper wire X 14(or more)

8. Wire (6cm) X 4

9. 9v battery connector

10. 9v battery

11. Wire solder

12. Wheel X 2

13. LEGO block (2X4) X 6

LEGO block (1X6) X 4

LEGO block (2X2) X 5

LEGO block (2X2/45inv) X 1

LEGO block (2X8) X 1

LEGO board (6X16) X 1

LEGO light(?) X 1

14. Glue gun

15. Wire stripper

16. Soldering iron

17. Soldering helper

Fun project! Any chance you could name or list the items/materials in step one?