Simple Distance Measuring Device





Introduction: Simple Distance Measuring Device

About: I am Samuel Alexander, a 11th grade student at Cita-Hati High School in Surabaya, Indonesia. Since I was kid I have been interested in making things that could help in daily life activities.

In this project we are going to learn how to use the HC-SR04 PING))) ultrasonic sensor to measure distance. This sensor is also often used on robots to detect obstacles.

Difficulty level: Easy

Time needed: ±10 minutes

Step 1: Things You'll Need

HC-SR04 PING sensor (x1)

Arduino UNO (x1)

LCD 16x2 (x1)

9V battery + dc adaptor (x1)

Potentiometer 10kΩ (x1)

Set of jumper wires

Step 2: Plug the PING Sensor and LCD


GND (pin 1) to potentiometer (left pin)

VCC (pin 2) to potentiometer (right pin)

VO (pin 3) to potentiometer (center pin)

RS (pin 4) to arduino digital pin 12

RW (pin 5) to potentiometer (left pin)

E (pin 6) to arduino digital pin 11

D4 (pin 11) to arduino digital pin 5

D5 (pin 12) to arduino digital pin 4

D6 (pin 13) to arduino digital pin 3

D7 (pin 14) to arduino digital pin 2


left pin to arduino GND

right pin ro arduino 5V

PING Sensor

VCC to arduino 5V

Trig to arduino digital pin 7

Echo to arduino digital pin 6

9V battery

To arduino DC power socket

Step 3: Upload the Code

Step 4: Have Fun! Show It to Your Friends :)

Yay! you have finished making your own measuring device. Now you can measure things without using a ruler! You can adjust the LCD brightness using the potentiometer. Feel free to give comments or ask questions and stay tune for my next project ; )



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Can u please make a how to make video

How will this react if the surface is not parallel? Can i read it then?

please i will like to get your contact, I need to discuss with you

How can i get the LCD display to show the the distances more clearer? Mine seems to be pretty dark even with the 10k trim pot adjusted the best it can be.

LCD display connection?
which is ping sensor here?

I can connect phone in the place of LCD screen

I can connect phone in the place of LCD screen

I can connect phone in the place of LCD screen

Good work make it and its funny

i have ir sharp sensor (range- 20cm-150cm).will it work instead of the ping sensor used here????

2 replies

You can replace the ping sensor with your ir sensor, but you'll have to modify your code and the wiring. if you let me know your email I can help you :)
Pls reply soon

The hc-sr04 ultrasonic PING))) sensor can measure 2cm-400cm