You will need the following

    • 1 yard brown fabric (we used fleece)
    • Construction paper (for supporting the hat brim, can substitute with other material)
    • Arduino board
    • Breadboard or perfboard
    • 2 9V batteries
    • 1 push button

    • 10 RGB LEDs
      • 20 330 ohm resistors (dependent on your LEDs)
      • 10 360 ohm resistors (dependent on your LEDs)

    • 3 PNP transistors

    • 3 NPN transistors

      • 3 3K ohm resistors (dependent on your transistors)
      • 3 22K ohm resistors (dependent on your transistors)

    Step 1: Making the Body of the Hat

    Cut out the top hat shape so that it is 17 inches tall and 15 inched across. You will need two pieces like this.

    Turn the two pieces so the front side of the fabric is together and the outside of the fabric is facing outwards. Sew along the perimeter of the hat 1 inch in from the edge.

    Flip the hat right side out.

    <p>Definitely different. Thank you.</p>
    <p>which color is which?</p>
    <p>I'm sorry. Which part are you wondering about, the code, the LED itself, the soldering, or something else?</p>
    <p>cool, neat! where did you get your insperation?</p>
    <p>Thanks! A friend was having a Harry Potter party and wanted to sort people into houses. We had also been talking about Arduino before, and it just came together.</p>
    Sorry To come in, nur with The anodes of The LEDs on The minus of The battery, they will not be able To light up.<br>Maybe You check The circuit diagram again.
    <p>Good eye! Apparently I didn't get the right LED clicked in Fritzing and didn't notice. Thanks!</p>
    <p>Neat idea!</p>
    <p>This is so great! I love it! </p>

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