Arduino Speech Control and Detect Obstacles Robot


Introduction: Arduino Speech Control and Detect Obstacles Robot

About: Mechanical engineer, Entrepreneur, Maker, robotic systems expert and founder of Robimek and RobiBot

Robot controlled by voice commands with Arduino and with Android phone google voice to text is controlled using the application

Step 1: Materials:

1-Android application :
2-Arduino Mega

3-Robot Kit

4-Servo motor

5-HC-SR04 Ultrasonic

6-HC-06 Bluetooth module

7-L293B h bridge

8-RGB led

Step 2: Robot's How It Works ?

First , dowland BT Voice Control for Arduino and arduino code uploading to arduino mega.We are making the necessary connections.After, connected hc-06 bluetooth with phone .

voice control commands for robot motions.

speech control commands language can do control commands different language.

The robot control features:

go to forward: speech 'ileri' or 'ileri git'

come to backward: speech 'geri' or 'geri gel'

turn right: speech 'sağa dön' or 'sağ'

turn left: speech 'sola dön' or 'sol'

a little go to forward:speech 'biraz ileri git'

a little come to backward:speech 'biraz geri gel'

turn on the light:speech 'ışığı aç'

turn off the light:speech'ışığı kapat'

red light:speech'kırmızı'

green light:speech'yeşil'

blue light:speech'mavi'

white light:speech'beyaz'

purple light:speech'mor'

obstacle detection:speech'engel algıla'

look at the left:speech'sola bak'

look at the right:speech'sağa bak'

look at the front:speech'önüne bak'

For more information and arduino code:



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