Introduction: Arduino Speech Control and Detect Obstacles Robot

Robot controlled by voice commands with Arduino and with Android phone google voice to text is controlled using the application

Step 1: Materials:

1-Android application :
2-Arduino Mega

3-Robot Kit

4-Servo motor

5-HC-SR04 Ultrasonic

6-HC-06 Bluetooth module

7-L293B h bridge

8-RGB led

Step 2: Robot's How It Works ?

First , dowland BT Voice Control for Arduino and arduino code uploading to arduino mega.We are making the necessary connections.After, connected hc-06 bluetooth with phone .

voice control commands for robot motions.

speech control commands language can do control commands different language.

The robot control features:

go to forward: speech 'ileri' or 'ileri git'

come to backward: speech 'geri' or 'geri gel'

turn right: speech 'sağa dön' or 'sağ'

turn left: speech 'sola dön' or 'sol'

a little go to forward:speech 'biraz ileri git'

a little come to backward:speech 'biraz geri gel'

turn on the light:speech 'ışığı aç'

turn off the light:speech'ışığı kapat'

red light:speech'kırmızı'

green light:speech'yeşil'

blue light:speech'mavi'

white light:speech'beyaz'

purple light:speech'mor'

obstacle detection:speech'engel algıla'

look at the left:speech'sola bak'

look at the right:speech'sağa bak'

look at the front:speech'önüne bak'

For more information and arduino code:


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KiranV15 (author)2017-01-27

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Hi sezgingul .. can you send libary and arduino code to my email because I lost him at github .. Very smart project .. please help me .. I will make it .. and thank

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Can i get the source code of anroid app i want to make an app which work over wifi

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seamster (author)2014-12-23

This looks like an interesting robot! Do you have any more information you can add about how you made it? I think people would be interested in seeing the details of the build.

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