Arduino Stand- Alone PCB


Introduction: Arduino Stand- Alone PCB

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Well, I want to make it very simple, I always work with arduino and the fact that you have tu use a full board on every proyect is not very economically efficient. So I decided to make a simple yet effective PCB to install the arduino and keep it working, 

Keep in mind that the PCB is supposed to work when you have already tested your circuit and program, no serial comunication or else, just a simple I/O pcb for the arduino in 5 x 3 cm.

I Uploaded the Gerber file below, but I'll list the parts you need.

1 -L7805
2 -10uF
2 -22pF
1 -16Mhz Crystal
1 -AtMega 328



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    One hint: you should position the two 22pf as near as possible to the quarz and 328!

    how to open? what program used?

    Bellissimo lavoro Vorrei chiedere se si potrebbe avere il file del pcb? Grazie

    2 replies

    In what format do you need it?

    Could anyone convert these files to .sch and .brd?