Picture of Arduino Synchronization for Music
Hello, Instructables readers.

Once upon a time, it was exam week at my university. I think most of my exams must have been over because I was slowly writing this inefficient but functional code forever. Anyways, my roommate and I had just ordered a bunch of ATMega328 chips along with a bunch of other electronics. I was trying to think of a way to use them, so I did this.

With the two official Arduinos my roommate and I had and the four chips I immediately breadboarded into Arduino clones, there were 6 Arduinos at my disposal. You know what has six parts? "Sumer Is Icumen In". It's a middle English round that we sing a lot. It bothers everyone around us, but with this new technology, the annoyance possibilities were endless.


So I went and did this. It's my first foray into multiple arduino interaction. Each Arduino plays its part on its own speaker. There's a movie of the results at the bottom. The sound quality is rather deplorable because it's recorded on my laptop's microphone. College did that to my recording resources. I may add another video if I can get a hold of my roommate's arduino again.

And a last bit of self-promotion. Instructables is awesome and has cool contests. You know what's cooler than contests? Winning contests. Vote for your favorite instructables in the Arduino contest if and only if that's this instructable (I'm kidding, of course). Check out the other things people have done with Arduinos and enter your own instructable at http://www.instructables.com/contest/arduino2013/