First I would like to give credit to: http://www.instructables.com/id/150-Arduino-TV-Annoyer-Turns-TVs-on-when-you-/

This is his design I have tweaked it a little bit to go a few steps further.  It is the infamous device that once you turn off your TV it will unknowingly to the person sitting there turn it back on after a couple of seconds.  The original device would turn the TV off, with the changes I made the device will now randomly turn off, turn on, and boost the volume up.  I had to rewrite some code from the original and spruce it up.  Believe me it is as annoying as ever. 

Step 1: The Things We Need

First lets see the parts we will be using:

1x Infrared Detector
1x Wide angle Infrared LED
1x Narrow angle Infrared LED
1x 2N3904 PNP transistor
1x 10 Ohm resistor (Brown, Black, Black, Gold)
1x 47 Ohm resistor (Yellow, Purple, Black, Gold)
1x Arduino Uno
Some wire (preferably solid-core, 22 gauge or so)
1x USB A-B cable
1x Soldering Iron (Optional)
1x Spool of thin solder
1x Solderless breadboard
1x Computer
1x Arduino IDE

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