Arduino TV B-Gone (Switch ANY* TV Off)





Introduction: Arduino TV B-Gone (Switch ANY* TV Off)

I have Decided to make my own TV-B-Gone to switch any tv off.I google around and what i found was broken , so i went ahead and tried to fix it.In this vidio I have cronicaled my attampt and share my findings of a working prototype.

I would like to revisit this project at some point to miniaturize / improve the design more , but why waste what i have discovered so far.enjoy ;]

edit: I have added a Picture exported from the fritzing file.

Here is The Links:

Arduino (1.6.5) TV-B-Gone & Fritzing File

Ken Shirriff's blog, Arduino (1.0.5) TV-B-Gone

Original TV-B-Gone

Arduino Deluxe KIT



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    Thanks for everything, that is really nice !
    However, when compiling the arduino code something is wrong at the bottom. It looks like all the "wake and sleep functions somebody had added i to b removed(till the end of the code).

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    I disabled the sleepNow() command because it was wreaking havoc on my arduino , Maybe it was just my device however. That is why i just uncommented the code in the main loop and left the function in. I believe the function is to save power when the device is not in use.

    What seems to be the problem when you use it, Because your comment is not clear.

    Sorry my keyboard does not work properly sometimes (and not me either)Yes that's wht I mean, the SleepNow command. When I compiled the code, it had not worked properly. So I just removed all this last part, for the compilation to be fine.
    Thanks again. I will implement soon with hardware, and give a feedback.

    I added a picture exported from the fritzing file , but i recommend getting fritzing from here

    The first link contains the TVB.ino file with the code.

    You open this with the arduino software, Just extract all the files! becuse main.h and worldcodes.h is part of that

    Thank You for picking that up. it fixed now!

    Thank You for picking that up. it fixed now!