I have Decided to make my own TV-B-Gone to switch any tv off.I google around and what i found was broken , so i went ahead and tried to fix it.In this vidio I have cronicaled my attampt and share my findings of a working prototype.

I would like to revisit this project at some point to miniaturize / improve the design more , but why waste what i have discovered so far.enjoy ;]

edit: I have added a Picture exported from the fritzing file.

Here is The Links:

Arduino (1.6.5) TV-B-Gone & Fritzing File

Ken Shirriff's blog, Arduino (1.0.5) TV-B-Gone

Original TV-B-Gone

Arduino Deluxe KIT

Thanks for everything, that is really nice ! <br>However, when compiling the arduino code something is wrong at the bottom. It looks like all the &quot;wake and sleep functions somebody had added i to b removed(till the end of the code).
I disabled the sleepNow() command because it was wreaking havoc on my arduino , Maybe it was just my device however. That is why i just uncommented the code in the main loop and left the function in. I believe the function is to save power when the device is not in use.<br><br>What seems to be the problem when you use it, Because your comment is not clear.
<p>Sorry my keyboard does not work properly sometimes (and not me either)Yes that's wht I mean, the SleepNow command. When I compiled the code, it had not worked properly. So I just removed all this last part, for the compilation to be fine.<br>Thanks again. I will implement soon with hardware, and give a feedback.</p>
<p>can you put here circuit ?</p>
<p>I added a picture exported from the fritzing file , but i recommend getting fritzing from here http://fritzing.org/</p>
<p>code also ı want </p>
<p>The first link contains the TVB.ino file with the code.</p><p>You open this with the arduino software, Just extract all the files! becuse main.h and worldcodes.h is part of that </p>
<p>Great Job !</p>
<p>links incorrets</p>
<p>Thank You for picking that up. it fixed now!</p>
<p>links broken</p>
<p>Thank You for picking that up. it fixed now!</p>

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