Arduino Thermocouple Sous Vide Controller





Introduction: Arduino Thermocouple Sous Vide Controller

This project makes use of and builds on the previous projects.  After completing this project, you can use a low-cost crock-pot as a precision temperature controlled Sous Vide cooker.

In upgrading this project, I added a 0 - 5vdc panel meter from Sparkfun, a 'power tail' from Adafruit (which can safely switch 120 vac using 5 vdc relay output from Arduino), and software changes necessary to support Sous Vide usage.

Here's a link to the project.  link to Arduino Thermocouple Based Sous Vide Controller.



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    That is the coolest use of an old cigar box I have ever seen. Awesome!

    That's funny! I've actually got a Arduino Steam Punk item on the back burner, hope to have it online in the spring. Thanks for the comment!