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This is the arduino powered time fountain i have been making. it uses a  water pump from the local diy shop and leds from there to the bucket was a freebee from some plants .


macnomad84 (author)2012-04-19

Hi - Arduino's PWM isn't capable of varying the frequency... only the duty cycle..

There are ways of varying the frequency via interrupts, ''bit-banging'' and messing with the clock -- however none gives you continuous control over the flicker rate....

macnomad84 (author)macnomad842012-04-19

which is necessary to correctly time the flash to the drops

Bongmaster (author)2011-05-01

and the rest of the info?
whats it do, how u make it, etc....

Dave Diamond (author)Bongmaster2011-05-10

Here i made my own version with detailed instructions :-)

Best Regards.

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