Step 6: PCB Layout

Use the design software to layout the PCB (Printed Circuit Board).  Make a cardboard cut out of the final layout and TEST FIT IT.  I got lucky and had enough play if I left the screws loose in the Light Housing, to correctly close and latch the light doors.
hey could i get one from where exactly the traffic light just wondering
Love this project. About 5 years ago, I got a full size traffic light on eBay, but had no way of controlling it, other than manually with a three way switch I installed.<br><br>Fav'd this, and will give it a try. Been looking for an Arduino project, and I think this is it.<br><br>Thanks!
That's great, thanks. How bout you share with us your plans for the building of your Traffic Light Stand? That's what I really need more is a stand for my existing light. Thanks, H in FL
The stand is nothing more than steel pipe and fittings from the home store and an old tire mounted on a donor rim filled with 100lbs of sand
&nbsp;Great idea! I don't know if it's just me, but all the pictures are grey and say 'This area will preview all your images'. Just FYI

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