in this tutorial u will be shown how to make a simple traffic light with arduino uno and led's

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Step 1: Things You Need

one green LED

one yellow LED

one red LED

three 220 ohm resistors


bread board

Arduino uno

Step 2: Connect Components

connect the components like shown in the picture. connect the cathode pin of LED to one of the resistors and connect the resistor to ground. and connect the anode’s to the arduino ports .

Step 3: Arduino IDE Code

void setup() {

pinMode(13, OUTPUT);

pinMode(12, OUTPUT);

pinMode(11, OUTPUT);


void loop() {

digitalWrite(13, HIGH);


digitalWrite(13, LOW);

digitalWrite(12, HIGH);


digitalWrite(12, LOW);

digitalWrite(11, HIGH);


digitalWrite(11, LOW);


Code is ok but resistors aren't. They need to be connected in series with arduino pins and (+) of the LED not ground
<p>This would be fun playing red light green light with :)</p>

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