Introduction: Arduino Traffic Light

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In this project I'm make a Traffic Light.

in the project we use leds, resistors and more...

this project for beginner.

Step 1: What Need to Start

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To start need:

1. 3 Leds (Red, Yellow, Green)

2. 3 Resistor (220-300 ohm)

3. Jumper wires

4. breadboard

5.Arduino UNO

Step 2: Connections

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Red led - 13

Yellow led - 12

Green led - 11

Step 3: Code


red on 5 seconds

red and yellow on 2 seconds

red and yellow off, green on 5 seconds

green blink 3 times

green off, yellow on 2 seconds

yellow off

(< in loop>)

Step 4: Finished

now this workink!


Treker2 (author)2015-07-12

Good project for beginners

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2015-07-12

Nice arduino project. Thanks for sharing.

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