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Use Arduino BATT & RF UART Shield , can be easy to implement wireless communication between PC and UNO. the shield use 2 AAA battery and provide 5V to UNO , so the UNO can be wireless working and communication to PC via 2.4G RF signal.

The RF module used LC-1000 which is 0dBm output power , the open distance can be reach to 30m and max baud rate support to 57.6Kbps.

Here have some reference code for using this shield,


kaighn80 (author)2015-11-06

hi, how many arduinos could you connect this way at the same time?

inhaos (author)kaighn802016-06-05

Hi, please see our new product : LC-3000 , LC-3000 can allow 126 masters and 126 slaves , it's full duplex RFto UART module , thanks!


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