Arduino Ultrasonic Radar Project





Introduction: Arduino Ultrasonic Radar Project

In this project , we will make ultrasonic radar, military radars as you know by reflecting radio frequency ölçülmektedir.çok who scan a large area of the radar in the detection of aircraft in Use for this project in a similar but smaller scale the yapacağı my radar is my yapmaktadı measurement of sound waves not radio waves we did the radar is able to scan an area 150 ' .

Our project is part of the Arduino and prosesing based yazıldı.prosesing çalışmaktadır.arduino we share as part of the C ++ open source hazırlandı.kod with java you can develop this way .

Step 1: Code

Connect your Arduino board to your computer via USB After installing the circuit of the project, then run the prosesing program, see the connect was the phrase , if the program data com port error if you typed the wrong port demektir.b is why you need to enter your own port talk , we explain it in the following prosesing code. Arduino Projeleri

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good day, may you please send me the code. please.


Can i build this project by using arduino uno ?

by the way awesome project !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

how to modify the port to macbook ??

Hi. I wonder if I add an other servo and replace the ultrasonic sensor with an infrared temp sensor could i make a temperature camera(for not moving objects like houses)?