Arduino Uno Controlling My 8-note Sequencer





Introduction: Arduino Uno Controlling My 8-note Sequencer

This is a video of me using my Arduino Uno to control my custom 8-note sequencer.

Here is the program:
Source code.

This is the original video where I demo the 8-note sequencer on its own:
Original Video

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me!
I'll do my best to answer it.



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this is amazing! truly amazing. nice work. i am musician from england living in sweden. I use a lot of synths in my work and for years have been wanting to create my own. though i am completely new to this. if i could please ask for your advice.. in building a synth where should a complete novice like myself start? a 555 oscillator? i realise i am in way over my head with all of this but i'm so stubborn. i have to make one.

a bit of advice would be extremely appreciate.


Nicholas Perry

I no authority on the topic, but I do think the 555 timer is a good place to start. The 555 is pretty low quality, but it can be a great way to get yourself familiar with electronic oscillators.

You will want to look into filters too (RC filters are simple and fun).

And there are other oscillators out there other than 555 timers. But a lot of them can be really complicated and difficult to understand their working (and even more difficult to put together, much less design).

Hey, could you re upload the code txt. ? Thanks !

here is the code (the text file and the ino file are really the same file. just open the ino file with the arduino sketchbook program or with notepad++)

Thanks ! Meanwhile I wrote a new code myself for the same purpose but I'll take a look at this one.