Introduction: Arduino Uno Tutorial #2 - the Buzzer Song

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Hello everyone, as I saw that my first tutorial had been a good gamble, I decided that I'm gonna do a series of Arduino Uno tutorials for you!

Step 1: What You Need

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For the buzzer song, you will gonna need :

-Arduino Uno Board ;

-A Buzzer (I don't have a breadboard, so I improvised with jumper wires)
-Usb cable;

-Arduino IDE in your computer;

Step 2: Conect the Board and the Buzzer

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Now conect your board in the computer and conect the buzzer like the scheme on the pictures.

If you don´t have a resistor you can conect the buzzer without it, but be cautious with the polarity of the buzzer, so you don't burn it.

Step 3: Upload the Program and Finished!

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The last step is too upload the program below to your Arduino IDE and to your board.

#define BUZZER 9
int notes[] = { 524, 588, 660, 699, 785, 881, 989 };

void setup()




void loop()


for (int i = 0; i < 7; i++)


tone(BUZZER, notes[i], 1000); delay(1000);




And you're done.


Step 4: Don't Forget to Follow!

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Follow for more Arduino madness!


millerman4487 (author)2016-05-15

here's a helpful tip: use HTML such as <pre></pre> for posting code to your instructables. Here's an example of where I used it:

(look at the code section)

noel.kuck (author)2016-05-15

It is always important and useful to add plentiful comments to your code to make it easy to understand, especially since you are attempting to provide a tutorial. Nice work.

CarlosOliveira (author)noel.kuck2016-05-15

Thank you for the help, i'm gonna had the comments.

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