Personal Electronics Entertainment With Embedded Education.

Basically a project that is fun and I learn a hole lot of stuff from it.

. This project started out as just a small robot so I could learn more about my Arduino and coding. And at first he was a simple little bot or tot I guess I should say. With a CD player case as a body, a couple of servos and some old laptop speakers with a few LED's (Gotta have the bells and whistles).

Then one day as I was looking at all the scrap electronics laying around and thinking I will never use most of this crap, What the heck am I keeping it for? Right at that moment the giant ultra bright LED went off in my head!!!


Step 1: And so it begins.

The following is a how I did it and certainly nothing is written in stone, so be creative. I can't tell you how many hours I spent looking at some old electronics trying to think of a way for it to serve a purpose in the project, Sometimes it worked out and sometimes it did not(Thank goodness for hot glue). EVERYTHING in this project except the Arduino has been re-purposed from something else, including the wire. Most of it was just plain old junk. I don't know maybe I'm an electronics hoarder and just don't know it.The equipment in the pictures is actually in 100% working order. I have both the A and B model scopes and a spare set of tubes for each.

:-/ A small part of me says, 'cool!' and a whopping part of me says 'OMG what a waste of electronics!!!' but I suppose I can get over it. They'll make more.
<p>Well my friend I really do have a bunch of surplus electronics and tried to make a cool use of them. Also I dont think I will scrap Pee-Wee he has almost become a friend!</p>
<p>dude where do u live? I would love to have some old electronics stuff. I'm constantly rejecting ideas for lack of parts and it would be great to have the stuff I need. thanks</p>
<p>So efahrenholz if you would realy like some of the surplus electronic boards I have I would be more than happy to ship them to you. Of course it would be freight.</p>
good lord no. I have so much junk electronics as it is.
<p>Hey everybody, Pee Wee is on facebook!</p><p>https://www.facebook.com/pee.wee.56232</p>
<p>Stay tuned for next trip.... Going to add some more sensors and more bells.</p>
<p>Tried to take Pee-Wee to Airfest 2014 but they would not let him in even with me being Vet and retired. All good I do understand though.</p>
<p>Pee-Wee gets ready and goes fishing in Saint Petersburg Florida.</p>
<p>Wow, this is an awesome robot! It kind of reminds me of an early Wall-E prototype :)</p>
<p>Wow is right, I did not know what you meant so I Googled it. As you can tell I don't watch much TV.</p>

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