Picture of Arduino & Visual Basic 6 (Light Controller)
This instructable is something like a tutorial for new VB users. It shows how to create a parser base VB6 program to interact with Arduino circuit. Basically, interaction is in the form of serial communication via the USB port. This is my practice after learning VB6 for 2 weeks and hopefully this post can help other newbies in VB6 to see additional options of interfacing this program.
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Step 1: Arduino

Picture of Arduino
First of all, the process of coding should start from the lowest level programming platform and in this case, is the Arduino UNO.
We must make sure that the Arduino should be able to perform the task of lighting up the LEDs connected. I limited the outputs to six pins because i wanted use the PWM function. The schematic shown above is made from Fritzing Software (Autoroute Option Available)

I would like to compliment pwillard as i used some of this parse codes from on his "Live For Speed" Racing Simulator. His string manipulation tactic is amazing and just what i needed. I have attached my Arduino Code and feel free to ask if there are any complications. I am also a new learner and just wanted to share what i have achieved so far with Arduino.

Ahmedqatar6 months ago

Huge project that require long reading time .. great effort my friend!

Daphne00Z (author)  Ahmedqatar6 months ago
Thanks :)