Introduction: Arduino Voiced White Cane (Part One)

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Years ago, I was with a student who had a family member who was blind, I realized that we could arrive at a small solution capable of making audible how many steps there was some obstacle, obviously an arduino with previously recorded numbers could do the trick, to continuation some guidelines to which we got you solution

Step 1: Materials

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-Arduino Nano


-Arduino SD Reader

-SD card

-Momentary switch(Button)



-Usb Cable

Step 2: The Software and Library

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Step 3: Mounting Test

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Circuit Specs:

-All works at 5 volt

-No need (by now) extra power supply

-via the 9 pin you will get the audio

How to use the hardware:

The user must use the eaarphones and point he way he or she want to walk

so the circuit makes a routine that tells the user how many steps can take

i am assuming aregular step takes 60 cm or 2 feets

soo ill give the calibrable version.

Step 4: Audio Files

Picture of Audio Files

These are the audio files for every number, if you combine them you can make any number.

Files .wav



8 Bit

You can convert any file to wav, in this page.

Step 5: Program

Make sure you add the arduino library

Download the program, make shure you insert the sd card

Step 6: Video Test


m1nh4tv (author)2017-12-24

My brother is blind I search endlessly for methods that make his day to day less difficult. Continue, please.

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