Arduino Voiced White Cane (Part Two)




Introduction: Arduino Voiced White Cane (Part Two)

Ok, since i publish the first part i left an alfa test on a protoboard.

Netx to this test I added some new features such as:

-Oled Display

-Configurable Step

-EEPROM saved last step Config

Please Subscribe and wathch my first Video:

Step 1: The New Hardware

On the display you can see:

Actual distance: When you press the radar button

Steps calculated: When you press the radar button

Size of steps: When you press the add button, if you reach the 100 cm, it restart to 5cm

Step 2: The New Program

I added:

The EEprom Library

The asciiOled Library:

The actualized program is attached.

Step 3: Next Step

The next Step is to put it on a generic board whit jumper cables.

Step 4: The 3D Print and Gerber Files

I soon will provide you whit a video test of this step and a 3d printed box, the eagle files and grebers too!



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