Step 12: Steampunking the watch

Picture of Steampunking the watch
Copper Tube Spacer Mark.jpg
Copper Tube Cut.jpg
Frame with Spacers.jpg
Battery cable with copper tube.jpg
Copper tubing is your friend when you want to give your watch a steampunk look.  Spacers for the screws were made with 1/4" OD copper tube cut to about 0.26" length, you may need to try a few times to get the right length (I had to), but you can use the extra pieces in the cover for the battery wires.  To cover the battery wires thread the wire through the small pieces of copper tube until you have covered up to the connector.  

Magnifying lenses like the ones in the picture make a great addition to the look.  You may need to remove one of the spacers to allow them to clip onto the screw or you can glue or solder the lenses to one of the spacers.
afiedler13 years ago
Where do I get those mgnifying lenses? They looking really great! :o)

greetings André
American Science and Surplus has a set. I don't think they are that nice brass color but it's the same type.
Search: Double Vision.