Introduction: Arduino Watch

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Arduino Watch

Step 1: LiPo Charger Basic - Micro-USB

Picture of LiPo Charger Basic - Micro-USB

You can buy it here -

Step 2: Battery

Picture of Battery

You can buy it here -

Step 3: Arduino Pro Mini 328

Picture of Arduino Pro Mini 328

Buy it here -

Step 4: Adafruit Sharp Display

Picture of Adafruit Sharp Display

You can buy it here -

Step 5: Wiring

Picture of Wiring


VIN - goes to +5v -

GND goes to GND -

CLK goes to Pin 10

DI goes to Pin 11

CS goes to Pin 13

Charging board

Negative to ground

Positive to Raw on the arduino

Step 6: Assemble

Picture of Assemble

After soldering everything together you can assemble that in the 3D printable file.

Step 7: Finishing Up

Picture of Finishing Up

Assemble the watch body in this 3D printable shell and if you don't have a 3D printer you can make it out of what ever you want.


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