The goal of our project was to bread board an
Arduino micro controller to control two servo
motors on an “X” and “Y” axis with a joystick.
The program and servo’s would then be used to
control a wooden labyrinth, but can also be used
for a number of other projects such as a pan and
tilt camera. In addition we added a solenoid to
reload the ball to the start position.

Step 1: Materials Required

Arduino Bare Bones Board Kit with USB Bub.
The one used for the project was from:
But Any Arduino Can be used!

Additional Project Components
• 2 Hi-Tech 311 Servos - bought from a local hobby store or online at: For $10 -$13 a piece
• Wii Nunchuck - You can buy online or at a number of stores for $20
• Wooden Labyrinth - Bought on Amazon.com for $25-$35 depending on size
• Wood - We used 1/4 inch wood for the base and 1/2 inch for the servo and pipe supports
• Screws
• Relay - +5VDC to 120VAC Relay or other circuit isolation device $2-$10 like:
• Solenoid with Power-supply - The Solenoid we used was from my house's doorbell, we first tested it with a old power adapter taken apart to get the transformer but then we bought a stable 24VAC 1A power plug from radio shack.
• Pipe - we used an old easy-up pipe
• Wire
• Glue
• Tape
• Solder

Tools Required
• Skillsaw
• Sawsall
• Screw Gun
• Drill Bits
• Flat Drill Bit
• Tape Measure
• Pipe Cutters
• Pencil
• Computer
• Wire Cutters
• Camera
• Soldering Iron
• Metal Snips
• Jumpers for quick testing

WOW congrats on an awesome arduino project and actually taking time and lots of effort into making it!
This is so awesome! Especially the automatic reset!
Nice one :))<br>I really like the pipe and solenoid.

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