The goal of our project was to bread board an
Arduino micro controller to control two servo
motors on an “X” and “Y” axis with a joystick.
The program and servo’s would then be used to
control a wooden labyrinth, but can also be used
for a number of other projects such as a pan and
tilt camera. In addition we added a solenoid to
reload the ball to the start position.

Step 1: Materials Required

Arduino Bare Bones Board Kit with USB Bub.
The one used for the project was from:
But Any Arduino Can be used!

Additional Project Components
• 2 Hi-Tech 311 Servos - bought from a local hobby store or online at: For $10 -$13 a piece
• Wii Nunchuck - You can buy online or at a number of stores for $20
• Wooden Labyrinth - Bought on Amazon.com for $25-$35 depending on size
• Wood - We used 1/4 inch wood for the base and 1/2 inch for the servo and pipe supports
• Screws
• Relay - +5VDC to 120VAC Relay or other circuit isolation device $2-$10 like:
• Solenoid with Power-supply - The Solenoid we used was from my house's doorbell, we first tested it with a old power adapter taken apart to get the transformer but then we bought a stable 24VAC 1A power plug from radio shack.
• Pipe - we used an old easy-up pipe
• Wire
• Glue
• Tape
• Solder

Tools Required
• Skillsaw
• Sawsall
• Screw Gun
• Drill Bits
• Flat Drill Bit
• Tape Measure
• Pipe Cutters
• Pencil
• Computer
• Wire Cutters
• Camera
• Soldering Iron
• Metal Snips
• Jumpers for quick testing

WOW congrats on an awesome arduino project and actually taking time and lots of effort into making it!
<p>Great game! I'd have liked to watch it in action.</p>
This is so awesome! Especially the automatic reset!
Nice one :))<br>I really like the pipe and solenoid.

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