Arduino Wii nunchuck and Wii motion plus with updated code for IDE 1.0.2 and LEDs

Picture of Arduino Wii nunchuck and Wii motion plus with updated code for IDE 1.0.2 and LEDs
So, I was trying to hack my Wii nunchuck because I want to control motors and lights with the Wii nunchuck.

The first problem that I found was how to connect the control without an adapter, I was planning to make one, but
when I was searching for the nunchuck I also found the Wii motion plus accesory then I did notice that it haves a
Male interface it haves holes to put wires, I did a search for Wii motion hacks with arduino and I found some code.

Second problem I found was that the code to hack both nunchuck and wii motion plus are outdated and you have
to change some commands, like Serial.begin, Wire.write instead of Wire.send  etc,

So I had to fix the code and also I added leds!

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
1 Arduino
1 Breadboard
1 Wii motion Plus
1 Wii Nunchuck
6 Resistors 220 ohm
6 Leds (any color)
Solid core jumper wires

Step 2: Build it

Picture of Build it

|                      |
|      6 4 2       |
|       -----        |
|      5 3 1       |

From the Wiimote side
Pin  Cable color  Description
1  Green  SDA. I²C Serial Data
2  Orange  Ground
3  -  Not connected.
4  -  Not connected.
5  Red  3.3V
6  Yellow  SCL. I²C Serial Clock. (400 kHz)

Get 4 cables, and put them in the correct place, in the photo the orange wire is ground, is very important to notice
that the powerline  uses 3.3V, dont use the 5V powerline it will not fry your control, but is better to play Safe.

Connect Pin 5 Green cable to Analog 4(A4) and Pin 2 Yellow cable to Analog 5(A5) to the arduino, Pin 1 Red cable to Power 3.3V
and Pin 6 (in the photo the cable is orange) to ground.

Step 3: Build the led array

Picture of Build the led array
The led array is easier to make, remember the anode witch must be connected to the power(digital pin) is the longer leg, and the shorter one must be connected with a 220 ohm resistor to the ground, the pins that you must use are from 7 to 12.
quike_gon11 months ago

Hello, I has looking for code to operate Wii sensor for my quadcopter, so thanks!

Just one thing: Will Nunchuck interfere with WMP? When you send Wire.requestFrom(0x52, 6); What do you receive? WMP data or nunchuck data?

animes25 (author)  quike_gon10 months ago

they dont interfere, in fact both gives you different data, motion plus is more accurate, I added the nuchuck just in the case that you want a joystick to control robots or cars

mjhearn10 months ago

was wondering, how'd that stabilizer work for you?

rsafa2 years ago
great job,I want to start with this project.can you please tell me if this can work without adding the nunchuck?I want to build a camera stabiliser(a very small camera) using servos and wii motion plus.if you have some good ideas with this project,let ma know please.greetings from France
animes25 (author)  rsafa1 year ago
Yes you can work with no nunchuck control, and make your camera stabiliser, but I think that you will need also a gyro sensor.