This guide will show you how to turn your Arduino Uno into a Windows/PS3 controller. It is fully configurable and you can change the input/output to whatever button you want. This means that you can hook a wii nunchuck up to it and play around with the coding a bit until it works. Really you can hook any type of sensor or whatever you want to it as long as you have enough inputs and outputs.

Step 1: Whats Required

The only items that are required are:

*Arduino Uno(Untested on other models but still might work)
*A way to connect your Arduino to a Windows computer
*A Windows Computer
*A way to ground the DFU mode pins as seen in picture
<p>i got an error message saying: </p><p>Arduino: 1.6.3 (Windows 8.1), Board: &quot;Arduino Uno&quot;</p><p>PS3WinControl.ino:2:19: fatal error: INCLUDE: No such file or directory</p><p>compilation terminated.</p><p>Error compiling.</p><p> This report would have more information with</p><p> &quot;Show verbose output during compilation&quot;</p><p>enabled in File &gt; Preferences.</p>
Is this: <a href="http://makezine.com/projects/wii-nunchuk-mouse-2/" rel="nofollow">http://makezine.com/projects/wii-nunchuk-mouse-2/</a> your post?
No but it is the same picture to capture the concept
wrong controller your picture shows a wii nunchuck
You can plug in any controller that you want to it
Nice. <br>I might have to give this a try :) always looking for new things to do with my Arduinos.

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