BTW!!!!! This instructable is awsomeeeeee

This is a very simple but at the same time a very hard project depending on your skill level. Lets get to building!

What this is, is a wireless animatronic hand that doesn't need a computer to operate. The user wears a control glove and can control the animatronic hand precisely. Bellow are some pictures of the final product:

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Step 1: Video

Step 2: Control Glove

Picture of Control Glove
Arduino w/ ATMEGA 328
Xbee w/ Shield
5 Flex sensors
Hook up wire
Custom PCB making tools
(5) 10k resistors

1. Power both of the Arduinos to make sure they operate correctly.
2. Assemble the Xbee radio shields.
3. Connect the Xbee shields to the Arduino by placing on top of the Arduino.
4. Connect the Xbee’s to the shields and connect them via USB.
5. Take the ATMEGA328 chip off the Arduino so there is a direct link between the computer and the Xbee radio.
6. Configure them in XCTU (default settings will work).
7. From here i built my own PCB (I'm not going to touch on how to do that, there are other very good tutorial out there)  I used the data sheet for the sensors from this site, this is also where i got these sensors:

8.From here i put all the boards together and tested it out to see if everything worked (powered on).
9. I sewed the flex sensors onto the glove by poking a hole at top and running the string over and under the sensor so it can still freely move.
10. i built the arm band with some elastically and some STRONG double sided tape.
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jorgen1 14 days ago

Hi! .... Can you please give me a more detailed scheme for connecting the wires on the animatronic hand and on the glove on this email adress:

i would appreciate it a lot !!

RitvikS1 month ago
hi! :) I made a model with help of this instructable and I won a competition......Thanks a lot NJKL44
RitvikS RitvikS1 month ago

here is my prototype I made before

katke31 month ago

we also making this kind of hand.can you tell me is wrist movement and elbow movement are also possible.please answer

abhishek bv1 month ago

at first i'd like to congratulate you for ur efforts......

i'm interested in working on this module

so can u please send codes and circuit diagrams

itll be very helpful

mail it to

thank you

neuman.frank3 months ago

Can u please explain the wiring and PCB properly or mail it on I will be greatful if you can

Can u please explain the wiring and PCB properly or mail it on

Can u please explain the wiring and PCB properly or mail it on


Please can you tell me a measurement soft for the bend sensors values.

Thank you!

ugoswami7 months ago

hey man... this looks cool i wanna build it too for my college project .

if u can give me the codes ands schematics i'll be highly obliged . my mail id . I'll be waiting for your reply . Thanks :)

Is it possible to make a full-scale human body with the same principle as your Instructable?
Theoretically, yes, but I think overall you'd have to find some super strong servo's, some super strong yet flexible piping and alot of time to do it. but overall NO, you'd have to create a biped platform for it to move as a human, costing thousands.
compwolf mwolf27 months ago

For strong servos you can look into using an H-Bridge to connect to a couple of DC motors and attach a Potentiometer to track its position by reading the Potentiometer and external power source. You can go as strong as you want.

Oh, thanks for the answer.
Check out a video on you tube.
Search for 3d Printed humanoid.
The man has done amazing work building a humanoid robot with fantastic working hands and arms. His 3d files are free to download. He is also using Arduinos.
Samalex678 months ago

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Samalex678 months ago

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rjss39 months ago
Hey! Is there anyway you can take a clear picture of all the bread board wiring, and the printed pcb? I'm having trouble reading your schematic. Thanks!
Reese_Rules9 months ago

How much would this cost?

chuyo099 months ago

i program my xbee in transparent mode but, i only can control one servo with one flex sensor , is necesary change the configuration of the xbee ?? or is the code of arduino?

Evan81510 months ago

Can you do this with an arduino mega cause i see that you say you have to remove the atmega328 chip, but you can't remove the arduino megas chip cause it is surface mount?

nrucker10 months ago

So, In theory, if I were to rig this up in such a way to mimic my body, I could have a robot that would do exactly what I did?

Blaise_Gauba11 months ago

Wow...pretty cool.

AgentArod1 year ago
Can you use an arduino mega without an Atmega328?
T1ger61 year ago
this projet can help disabled man?that's great!
Gofilord1 year ago
Hi, I really like the project! I just have one question about the thumb. It's clear that it's angle is different from the rest of the fingers. How did you manage to flex the thumb with the servo being perpendicular to the thumb?
Is there going to be much of a difference between the code for the servos & if I were to use linear actuators
vperez91 year ago
How did u configured the xbees?
Archduke_1 year ago
Mind linking to the parts you used? I think I'm going to make this my summer project. I've never done anything like this though, so knowing exactly what you used would help me suss out the rest of it.
What Arduino boards are you using for this project?
MrEdwards1 year ago
Amazing! I bet you had a massive smile on your face the first time this worked!!
cvolpe21 year ago
Very interesting project. Congratulations.
Do you think it is possible to make it less noisy gears?
McDaver1 year ago

Cool project!
If you can find an old power glove from years back they have the resisters in the fingers already, then add Wii or Sony Move controllers so the computer knows where your hands are. I have something called Raser Hydra controllers, my computer can track where they are and how far they turn in any direction. This would give you complete control of robotic hands or video games.
alvin_lee1 year ago
Very impressive project!
latman1 year ago
I built this as a high school kid in 1985, called it MARL - movement activated robotic limb. Submitted it to a National Science Comp, publicly displayed, and won, only to learn that commercially someone stole the idea and applied it. As a kid I had no power. Just saying watch what you put on FREE websites such as this. If you have a good idea, don't just tell the world, or you might loose control.

In 1985, I had a budget of $5, so used springs, fishing line, small dc motors from slot cars and a gardening glove. Electronics were a simple relay and transistor. Cutoff sensors in the fingers were aluminium servos , they costed $40 each back then!

Inventing is awesome, and you have done a nice job here njkl44.

Love this project! It has inspired me to build my own with a different design--a nice challenge for me. I'd like to know, though, how much did you purchase the flex sensors for? I'm broke and looking for something that I don't have to spend a fortune on. Most of what I've found online has been around $13.
Could some one please tell me what Xbee Shield and Modules I need to do this project. I've seen several different Xbee units and some have been discontinued.
adesai51 year ago
the receiving program for arduino is not compiling its giving and error can you help me with that please.....
ERROR:- ('Servo' does not name a type)
sketch_dec28a.ino: In function 'void loop()':
sketch_dec28a:32: error: 'myservo1' was not declared in this scope
sketch_dec28a:33: error: 'myservo2' was not declared in this scope
sketch_dec28a:34: error: 'myservo3' was not declared in this scope
sketch_dec28a:35: error: 'myservo4' was not declared in this scope
sketch_dec28a:36: error: 'myservo5' was not declared in this scope
jinijinu2 years ago
amazing... how great!!!
drke124l2 years ago
could u please tell me where u learned this??
Was it in school or by ourself?
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