Step 4: The Hand!

Picture of The Hand!

electrical wire tubes (http://www.instructables.com/id/Simple-Animatronics-robotic-hand/)
fishing tackle
electrical tape
5 servos
xbee w/ shield
arduino ATMEGA 328
exact o knife

This took the longest to build...

1. I researched hands and found a diagram where the joints are.
2. I then cut the joints with the exacto knife
3. I put all the fingers together without the thumb.
4. i put the four fingers together and reinforced them with legos
5. i taped the securely and put the thumb over those so it would have human like flex.
6. i taped the servos together filling the spaces with Styrofoam
7. i added all 5 servos to the hand with legos and tape
8. I built the circuit on a breadboard with just delivering power the servos and having the control wires into the Digital input on the arduino
9. i ran fishing tackle from the finger tip through the tube and anchored it onto the servo

Gofilord2 years ago
Hi, I really like the project! I just have one question about the thumb. It's clear that it's angle is different from the rest of the fingers. How did you manage to flex the thumb with the servo being perpendicular to the thumb?
turtledrake2 years ago
Love this project! It has inspired me to build my own with a different design--a nice challenge for me. I'd like to know, though, how much did you purchase the flex sensors for? I'm broke and looking for something that I don't have to spend a fortune on. Most of what I've found online has been around $13.