Step 9: Awards!!

A few weeks ago i attended the regional science fair in Durango Colorado. The first award i won was 1st place in the Air Force Engineering. The second award i won was a Davin chi award which qualified me for the state competition in Fort Colins. The best award i won qualified me to go to the international science fair in LA for a week, all expense paid, to be an official observer. So i pretty much go to LA for a week and get to check out the sweet project whether i do good at state or not.

hi! :) I made a model with help of this instructable and I won a competition......Thanks a lot NJKL44
<p>here is my prototype I made before</p>
Bro, we are also making this project would you please help us out it would be a great favour...My Gmail account shah.moeen75@gmail.com
<p>can u send me circuit diagram at sagar.nasac@gmail.com...</p><p>thank you</p>
<p>How unique!</p>
<p>BTW my email address is suvinvarma2@gmail.com</p>
<p>Hi i was just wondering what arduino you used for you project </p><p>thanks (:</p>
<p>The Xbee is so exorbitantly priced...Is there any low price substitute for Xbee?</p>
<p>code any one please send me the code and the pdf of this project to <br>eng.ahmed2004@hotmail.com</p>
<p>hi could you send the instructions to create the PCB pls it would help since i have never made one.</p><p>pls send to asuski187@gmail.com</p>
Code is not working plzz code send my account kpenshanwar@gmail.com
<p>hey whats the length of the flex sensors? 2.2 inch ya 4.5 inch? <br>Thanks! </p>
<p>hello could u please send me the PCB and interfacing details along with the code...it will be very helpful for me... my email is batzorig5181@gmail.com</p>
<p>where will i get the whole thing??????</p>
<p>can we chat. This is my Mail ID: gidz.allstar@gmail.com</p>
<p>plzz send me the codes im using a arduino nano 128, the coding is not working for me so plzz send me.</p><p>aquibansari12377@gmail.com</p>
<p>Hello....could u please send me the PCB and interfacing details along with the code...it will be very helpful for me... my email is ahmetodabasi44@gmail.com</p>
<p>Does this animatronic hand glove has any practical use ?</p>
<p>Yeah, Prosthetics, Space, Robotics... There are so many!</p>
<p>Hey this is amazing!</p><p>Can you please send me to pcb diagrams, my email is ggalatis122@gmail.com</p><p>thanks!!</p>
Hello....could u please send me the PCB and interfacing details along with the code...it will be very helpful for me.... I will appreciate your help<br>My mail is abhishekdwivedi56@yahoo.com <br>
Can you please tell me the detailed making of this project or kindly send the wiring and pcb connection to prabha280796@gmail.com..
<p>awesome project!!!!!!</p>
<p>cool project... can you make a glove that mimics sign language so non-ASL users can talk with hearing impaired people, one that is voice activated? you speak, it &quot;spells&quot;? </p>
<p>can you please send me a clearer picture of the bread board at zaccymax@gmail.com</p>
<p>on your hand pcb shield what is number 1 for the servos going to</p>
Is it possible to make a full-scale human body with the same principle as your Instructable?
Theoretically, yes, but I think overall you'd have to find some super strong servo's, some super strong yet flexible piping and alot of time to do it. but overall NO, you'd have to create a biped platform for it to move as a human, costing thousands.
<p>For strong servos you can look into using an H-Bridge to connect to a couple of DC motors and attach a Potentiometer to track its position by reading the Potentiometer and external power source. You can go as strong as you want.</p>
<p>I think that the best thing to use for a robotic leg is Pneumatics or Hydraulics.</p>
<p>The biped platform wouldn't cost thousands. I have seen biped robots that were human sized and only cost around 500 usd.</p>
Oh, thanks for the answer.
Check out a video on you tube. <br>Search for 3d Printed humanoid. <br>The man has done amazing work building a humanoid robot with fantastic working hands and arms. His 3d files are free to download. He is also using Arduinos.
<p>Its called InMoov</p>
<p>I think a moving hand is a simple process compared to legs/feet and walking.</p>
Please mail me the circuit diagram at sunny.thesis@gmail.com
<p>Can someone please help me with the arduino code. I'm messing it up everytime :(</p>
<p>wow! i just loved this instructable :) can you please mail me the design and the circuit diagram :)</p><p>mizfitz511@gmail.com</p><p>thank u :)</p>
<p>It's possible with arduino UNO? I can't read more two signal in the serial port, why?</p>
Love this project! It has inspired me to build my own with a different design--a nice challenge for me. I'd like to know, though, how much did you purchase the flex sensors for? I'm broke and looking for something that I don't have to spend a fortune on. Most of what I've found online has been around $13.
<p>you can make your own. I have seen some people on here who have done so, but I am unsure of how well they work</p>
this projet can help disabled man?that's great!
<p>It actually can't. There are certain things a real hand has that this one is lacking.</p>
<p>So, In theory, if I were to rig this up in such a way to mimic my body, I could have a robot that would do exactly what I did?</p>
<p>Actually I am working on a project right now to do so. But you wouldn't want this hand, as its biology is very different from any humans, and it would be a piece of shit if you wanted to actually pick something up. I would recommend you use a 3d printed hand (such as the one from inmoov) if you wanted to do something like that, Also you would need a rotational sensor to detect certain movements (such as the forearm turn).</p>
<p>hi :) could you email the coding and circuit diagram please djalex2134@gmail.com </p><p>very interested in this and want to make it ! </p><p>i appreciate it if you can ! :) </p>
<p>Hi! .... Can you please give me a more detailed scheme for connecting the wires on the animatronic hand and on the glove on this email adress: jorgenkonini@gmail.com</p><p>i would appreciate it a lot !!</p>
<p>we also making this kind of hand.can you tell me is wrist movement and elbow movement are also possible.please answer</p>

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