First I would like to thank Noritake for the VFD Module I think it is pretty cool I asked them for one to work with and they gave it to me.


VFDs (Vacuum Fluorescent Display’s) were and are used in a large rage of high end consumer electronics. I got my VFD module from Noritake-itron it is model SCK-Y100-2406-N14, it is a very flexible 24×6 character VFD module in the same form factor of a 20×4 character LCD module. It is a member of Noritake’s CU-Y series VFDs.

I couldn’t find a lot of websites on Arduino and VFD modules so I am making this Instructable using Arduino and the Noritake-itron VFD module. Noritake made using their VFD modules with Arduino very easy.

Step 1: Noritake VFD Module Overview

Noritake sent:
A 24x6 VFD module
A blue acrylic color filter
A six pin serial jumper with five wires
A set of six jumper pins for my circuit board
And the Overviews of the VFD and the Acrylic Filter

The VFD module features:
24x6 character display
5V supply voltage
serial (asynchronous and synchronous) and 8-bit parallel communication
CMOS signal and RS-232 (+-15V) voltage compatible
jumper-selectable baud rate: 9600, 19200, 38400(default), 115200.
extensive built-in character sets: USA, European, Japanese (Katakana only), Multilingual – various fonts and symbols, Canadian and French, Nordic, WPC1252 – european fonts and symbols, Cyrillic, Latin, Portuguese, PC858 – european fonts and symbols
adjustable brightness
locally selectable brightness for highlighting (useful for implementing menus)
double width, and double width & height characters
This is actually a very well written instructable and the link is handy since trying to find displays in this dimension was tricky. Try looking these up now on ebay/amazon and its an arm and a leg with no selections. So definitely appreciative. Thanks
<p>Check out the makers and the sellers of things you might like to have and ask for a free samples you will be amazed at what you can get for free.</p>
<p>You got that for free, How?</p>
<p>It was in the free stuff here at Instructables.</p><p>I asked them for it by Email and told them about myself.</p><p>And they gave it to me as a free sample, it was that easy.</p>
<p>Pandering or what? </p>
<p>Very funny Pat</p><p>Someone gives you something for free you thank them for it.</p><p>Besides it was real easy to work with and with my eyes I can see VFDs more easily than LCDs. </p>

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