This is my first prototype of a robotic manipulator. Until now, I've really been focusing on the physic aspect of the arm so I haven't been working a lot on the program aspect. The current goal of this project is to create a solid platform to reproduce every-day actions and develop my programming aptitudes. The arm has 4 degrees of freedom: Bicep rotation, Elbow, Wrist and Gripper. I still haven't worked on the shoulder but it will come one day ! It's really basic but I'm surprised at what it can accomplish for the time I've spent on this project ! Btw, this is my first instructable ! Enjoy :D

Link to a demo of a basic sequence :

Thanks for your interest !

<p>hi, did you use some kind of tactile sensor on the finger tip?? if you do, what kind of tactile sensor is that? please let me know :)</p>
This is an amazing project. Congratulations.
This is an awesome project. Would it be possible to list the parts and coding you used. Thank you
It would be cool if you could post a step-by-step of making this.
It would be cool but it would also take me a lot of time making a good and clear step-by-step. Right now, I don't have the time but I will take your idea in consideration ! Thank you for your interest Kiteman !
Thinking about what contest prizes are currently available (a laser cutter!!!), it might be worth taking the effort.

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