Arduino Based Light Follower Robot


Introduction: Arduino Based Light Follower Robot

A demo of the slideshow i posted



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    @nikkson: autonomous navigation is a very complex task, yet you have several options, it depends on budget and programming skills, your link takes me to the wheel sdction of the store but i guess you bought the rover kit, we need to know the enviroment of use

    Hey, tell me please. What happens when the robot reaches the light? Does it stop? I tried to figure it out in your code but I couldn't. Tks.

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    well i dont know ;)
    i think it will crash against the light source.

    well here is it, its not the best video ever, but I find really hard to test a light follower robot during a video shooting.

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    i also made a very similar light seeking robot, except, mine uses a 555 timer chip instead of arduino.. it also has a reverse relay.. for a lot cheaper...