Step 9: Optional Step: Edit Your Hosts File to Make It Easier to Use

A step I did was to edit my hosts file (/etc/hosts on linux, C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts on windows).

Note that this file can only be edited in an administrative command prompt (windows) or by su (linux)

Add the line
ip.add.re.ss remote

replace ip.add.re.ss with the server IP address and save the file.

You would need to do this on every device you wished to access the web page with the short name.

Now you can access the remote with http://remote/remote.php

This is my first proper instructable, be gentle and let me know if there are any problems so I can fix them.

<p>remote.php link is dead </p>
<p>hello..Can I use remote control for only activated on/off button on desktop PC?</p>
Hi Arielslyz<br><br>I am sorry, I do not understand your question. Could you elaborate on it please?
<p>Only the power button</p>
<p>This remote can control the booting desktop function?</p>
<p>&quot;When I figure out why my ethernet shield won't allow my arduino to keep a sketch I will write a new sketch that uses the ethernet shield as the web server, meaning I don't need apache installed on my computer. Stay tuned, I will get there!&quot; I suspect you're going to run into memory issues. There's precious little to spare for HTML processing, and at a guess I'd say on-board processing of what you've got here is going to be too taxing even for the Little Arduino that Could. </p><p>You really helped me get to the point where my board can record and send, my problem now is I don't want to tether the Arduino via USB to get serial input -- I'd need to rearrange my house to get the computer in IR range. I'm looking into whether I can use Marco Shwartz's REST library to get data into the Arduino over WiFi, so I can place it independent of the computer. If I manage, I'll come back and post a link. While that won't eliminated the need for Apache on the computer (the html for your virtual remote still needs to run somewhere) it at least untethers the Board from the USB cable. </p><p>Thanks for a super clear instructable!!! The one thing I'd suggest adding which I found myself looking up 8 times was how to determine polarity on the Infrared LED if, like you and me, we've scavenged from another board and lead length no longer gives you a clue. The image that helped me is attached. </p>
Great! <br>I'm planning to do one &quot;universal remote controller&quot; like yours. <br>And your instructable is perfect for what I'm thinking! :-) <br>Many thanks for sharing... <br>Ps.: Sorry my poor english.
Seems really cool! <br>
Cool. Still changing some code for it to work on our server. You might separate the php code from the html code with a few blank lines for the newbies.
How are you getting on with your version?
Have not made a chance to work on it. Lots of other projects going on.
Nicely done! Looks like a good foundation for your very own Arduino-based &quot;Harmony&quot; remote. Embedding the website in the 'duino will definitely make some things easier.<br><br>The only thing left to consider is at what point do you throw out or lock up the actual physical remotes and have everyone use a mobile/tablet/web browser to control your TV and satellite?
Funny you should ask that, my wife just asked me to turn up the TV (watching Doctor Who while the kids play on their DS's) and suddenly remembered she can do it herself.<br><br>Stage one complete, she now asked me if I can use the arduino to control the sky box upstairs.<br><br>Do I:<br>a) say yes and code the ethernet header<br>b) say yes but I need a second arduino (like maybe a mega)<br><br>I would love to do a) but I just sent my ethernet header back as it has been badly soldered so it looks like b)<br><br>What is a harmony remote? lmgtfy here I come
Just checked them out, that is what it looks like on my mobile phone, and is what I intend the final result to be.<br><br>I will (possibly) change the code to dynamically resize the image to suit your screen, it is a touch small on my phone screen.

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