Step 9: You're Done!

You're done! Put on the fruits of your labor and walk around. I promise you will turn heads.

You can wear them on their own or if you're bold enough slap together a spandex costume to fully resemble your favorite superhero: Marvel's Archangel!

This is what I'm building for comic con
<p>This must have been fun to make! Congrats on all of the medals!</p>
Do you recall how thick the aluminum sheets were?
can them fly ??
<p>you should make a video of it</p>
<p>You're the man, this is one of the coolest things I've ever seen</p>
This, dear sir, is truly the pinnacle of perfection and mastery. I cannot congratulate you enough on these and I cannot thank you enough on the instructions to make these! I will most definitely be trying to recreate a pair of my own, however I might need to find a bit of help to work with the Arduino. I would greatly appreciate if we could exchange emails so that you could monitor my process. Once again, true talent.
This is pretty amazing...any plans to do the (classic) purple-and-blue suit from the Fall of the Mutants storyline? http://goodcomics.comicbookresources.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/05/3209_4_0024.jpg
VERY cool wings! I could see someone modifying this to go with a steampunk costume. I hope you dulled the edges so they aren't sharp!
Steampunk. Awsome idea. It would be perfect!
AMAZING!!!!! Well done :0)
In a future build you might look at either carbon fiber tube or fiberglass tent poles. Then stretch a silver Mylar blanket over it. Serious weight reduction.
Not one of my fav xmen. That being said... <br>Frelling AWSOME!!!! :) <br>'Nuf said.
If your etched lines are basically straight, you could also have used a &quot;carbide tipped laminate scoring knife&quot; (Google it) and a straight edge. Cuts a small, clean groove depending on how hard you apply pressure (and how many passes you make, if you want it deeper)
congrats on the arduino challenge
Is this the 5V Arduino Pro Mini?<br><br>Also, could I get a picture of the back of your protoboard so I can see how you soldered all the connections together.
Very interesting. If you doubled the wingspan and maybe cut out some of the extra weight, and put it on a relatively light person, it would be enough for flight, at least for shirt periods of time. The only problem is support then, but I think that would be solved by thick wire armatures.
So you just wear the harness and all on the outside of your clothes, or is there some clever trickery here?
Nope, no trickery. Just a black harness that camouflages with the black vest :)
Is there a way to hide the harness under the clothes and still have the wings move?
This is realllly cool. How much did this cost you?
WAAAAAY more than I thought it would, lol. The raw sheet metal alone was almost $300. With all the other components, hardware and miscellaneous items Im sure it was close to $700-800 over the course of about 8 months.
I saw you with the wings in person at the 2011 Maker Faire . Very awesome indeed.
Very cool!! It also makes me remember that old cartoon, The Batfink!! I am thinking about to make the wings to Halloween Party at my college. Great job!
Bloody awesome!
I bow to the awesomeness. I remember the issue that Archangel came to be and instantly thought that was the most awesome comic character ever... still do.<br>If I could pull of spandex id make 2 sets of these one full set like this and a stubby set (the completely folded up version).
Warren Worthington III would be proud. :D<br><br>Really nice job and I'm jealous.<br>
Pretty cool!!
I have used Future floor polish as a protective coating on models and on Aluminum. I think it could work to protect the wings but it would give it a gloss coat and you can use a flat paint (acyric) in the future to make it more flat if desired. You did a great job and I hope this might work. You could try it on a small test piece of aluminum to determine if it would work for you. You can airbrush the Future without thinning but clean with windex after you spray because it will clog up the airbrush.
Well done sir. This is amazing.<br>
WAY awesome. And I love that you used mostly Stuff That Is Lying Around Home Depot.
Sorry for a dumb question, but do you really always need the arduino board to be able to construct prototypes? or can the software be used to program a custom circuit?<br><br>I'm new with this arduino thing.
Hey,<br><br>Its not a dumb question, but I'm not entirely sure what you mean. I'll try and answer it best I can (I'm a novice too!).<br><br>The arduino just makes it easy to go from idea to working prototype, particularly the Uno because it has the headers that allow you to just plug wires into each of the pins quickly without soldering anything. <br><br>If you are more experienced with circuit building and fabrication, you can potentially use the same microchip that the arduino uses (usually the atmega328 - they sell it by itself with the arduino program or &quot;bootloader&quot; on it already, its only like 3 bucks) and integrate it into your own custom circuit board. <br><br>I'm not that experienced so I tend to go from using the Uno to something more sleek and permanent like the Arduino Pro Mini. I hope this answered your question. <br><br>I'm sure someone else more experience than me can chime in :)
As a fellow Archangel fan, I have to say this is pretty amazing. Good job!
my little brother wants to know if u can fly with those......
Not quite, lol
oh, hes dissapointed now...... hes only 4
if only we could fly with thought then we would enter a knew renaissance of technology (fruck)
I'll never make this, but I definitely want to now. That is awesome.
Pretty cool indeed!
that is really cool, nice instructable

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