Step 9: You're done!

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Wings at maker faire.jpg
You're done! Put on the fruits of your labor and walk around. I promise you will turn heads.

You can wear them on their own or if you're bold enough slap together a spandex costume to fully resemble your favorite superhero: Marvel's Archangel!

lmanga1 year ago
This, dear sir, is truly the pinnacle of perfection and mastery. I cannot congratulate you enough on these and I cannot thank you enough on the instructions to make these! I will most definitely be trying to recreate a pair of my own, however I might need to find a bit of help to work with the Arduino. I would greatly appreciate if we could exchange emails so that you could monitor my process. Once again, true talent.
Ryutso3 years ago
So you just wear the harness and all on the outside of your clothes, or is there some clever trickery here?
adaobi3 years ago
I saw you with the wings in person at the 2011 Maker Faire . Very awesome indeed.
Angelbane3 years ago
I bow to the awesomeness. I remember the issue that Archangel came to be and instantly thought that was the most awesome comic character ever... still do.
If I could pull of spandex id make 2 sets of these one full set like this and a stubby set (the completely folded up version).
lordcaradoc3 years ago
Warren Worthington III would be proud. :D

Really nice job and I'm jealous.
ZachFejes3 years ago
Well done sir. This is amazing.