After having trouble with foxes scavenging my bins and crapping all over my patio I decided enough was enough and i was going to make something to scare the foxes away.

Using a parallax IR sensor, an Arduino microprocessor board and a servo, I built this device that does the job.
A few bright flashing LEDs and a simple noise making circuit might add to the deterrent effect ;-)
Great Idea,<br /> I've been looking for someone to help me with a similar type of project.<br /> I got a duemilanove, a heat sensor array, switch, wires, breadboard...and am trying to get a small motor to turn on when an object with a temperature of 85-95 degrees F is within range.<br /> Now that I have the parts, I am having trouble finding out just how to put them together and am afraid of frying it by experimenting.<br /> Your fox-away is the closest I have come to finding an similar set up.<br /> Would you consider helping a total arduino newbie to figure it out?<br /> Lynne<br />
Great idea! Thanks. We've got a deer problem--I was going to use a microprocessor with an infrared sensor starting a barking dog recording, but something flapping is better and less noisy.
Indeed. That was one of the factors in making mine as I didn't want it to wake the neighbours (or me for that matter) in the middle of the night.
not exactly what id call scary
Not for a human being, but it sure does the trick with a fox !

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