This project is a subset of my idea of an interactive wall.. so this is an interactive wall-piece..   

What does it do ?   Mine is a touch activated light display. 

How does it work?  It is controlled by an Arduino UNO which senses the inputs and turns on the respective outputs. 

Lets watch it in action! 


n here's a more recent interactive art that we built during a workshop. Have a look..


Alright, so lets go about building one.. 

Step 1: Building the Touch Sensor

If u have an Arduino board, building a touch sensor is a cakewalk.. 

U dont need ny external hardware to get the sensing functionality.  

All u need to do is upload the following code on ur board, turn on ur serial monitor and then touch the metallic wire to see the change in the value.  :) 

What does the code do?  It returns the time that the pin takes to discharge. When it is touched, it takes more time to discharge. U need to adjust the threshold to currectly identify a touch.  

Even If u cant understand the function which calculates the value of the pin, it is perfectly ok..  There are only 2 modifications needed according to ur design. 
1) The number of touch sensing u want
2) Threshold setting      

Here's a lil shaky video about how u can see the difference in the capacitance value of a pin when u touch it.  <my camera wasn able to focus well so>  
Lemme explain what happens in the video. When the pin is not touched, I get the value 1 at the pin [as can b seen on the serial monitor]. When the pin is touched, the value goes higher than one, depending on how much u press the wire. Again when released, the pin value goes back to one. 

Once the sensing goes well, we build the whole contraption! 

<p>Hello, do you have any pictures of the circuit? Just having a little trouble following the words :)</p>
Umm.. I was looking for a circuit diagram or an explanation on the connections of the LEDs of different touch areas, with Arduino. Looks like that bit is missing and I can't proceed. Kind of first project that I am trying with electronics, so a very basic question here. Could you please add an explanation/detail about how to: <br>1) Make LED connections for different touch areas. <br>2) Connect those different touch point, with the Arduino.
thankyou so much <br>i am a brginner and looking for this touch sensor few day <br>thanks again
I am happy that it helped you. :) <br>
Excellent design. I especially liked the use of household materials. I'm a complete novice and am having trouble getting any LEDs to light.
Hey thanx.. :) <br> <br>Let me know if you need any help..
This is a lovely project. <br> <br>Just one thought - you could always use a copper or aluminium mesh (&quot;mod mesh&quot;) as your sensor so that the light from the LEDs can shine through it. That way you should be able to touch the area directly in front of your lights. <br> <br>Ugi.
Heyy! Thnx for looking through the project.. :) <br /> <br />Well, I wanted to do some touch sensing using the materials that I had at home.. which included a plain aluminium foil... <br /> <br /> I ll search for such fine mesh n wen I get one, ll give it a try.. <br /> <br />Happy D.I.Y.ing! <br /> <br />:) <br /> <br />
Great work!
thnx Sharz... :)
This is cool and creative. I love the LEDs
hey thanx.. :)

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