Picture of Arduino controlled Interactive wallpiece
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This project is a subset of my idea of an interactive wall.. so this is an interactive wall-piece..   

What does it do ?   Mine is a touch activated light display. 

How does it work?  It is controlled by an Arduino UNO which senses the inputs and turns on the respective outputs. 

Lets watch it in action! 


n here's a more recent interactive art that we built during a workshop. Have a look..


Alright, so lets go about building one.. 

Step 1: Building the touch sensor

Picture of Building the touch sensor
If u have an Arduino board, building a touch sensor is a cakewalk.. 

U dont need ny external hardware to get the sensing functionality.  

All u need to do is upload the following code on ur board, turn on ur serial monitor and then touch the metallic wire to see the change in the value.  :) 

What does the code do?  It returns the time that the pin takes to discharge. When it is touched, it takes more time to discharge. U need to adjust the threshold to currectly identify a touch.  

Even If u cant understand the function which calculates the value of the pin, it is perfectly ok..  There are only 2 modifications needed according to ur design. 
1) The number of touch sensing u want
2) Threshold setting      

Here's a lil shaky video about how u can see the difference in the capacitance value of a pin when u touch it.  <my camera wasn able to focus well so>  
Lemme explain what happens in the video. When the pin is not touched, I get the value 1 at the pin [as can b seen on the serial monitor]. When the pin is touched, the value goes higher than one, depending on how much u press the wire. Again when released, the pin value goes back to one. 

Once the sensing goes well, we build the whole contraption! 

tarynstorm5 months ago

Hello, do you have any pictures of the circuit? Just having a little trouble following the words :)

harpreet312 years ago
Umm.. I was looking for a circuit diagram or an explanation on the connections of the LEDs of different touch areas, with Arduino. Looks like that bit is missing and I can't proceed. Kind of first project that I am trying with electronics, so a very basic question here. Could you please add an explanation/detail about how to:
1) Make LED connections for different touch areas.
2) Connect those different touch point, with the Arduino.
dicklaw7953 years ago
thankyou so much
i am a brginner and looking for this touch sensor few day
thanks again
Nirzaree (author)  dicklaw7953 years ago
I am happy that it helped you. :)
dflo423 years ago
Excellent design. I especially liked the use of household materials. I'm a complete novice and am having trouble getting any LEDs to light.
Nirzaree (author)  dflo423 years ago
Hey thanx.. :)

Let me know if you need any help..
Ugifer3 years ago
This is a lovely project.

Just one thought - you could always use a copper or aluminium mesh ("mod mesh") as your sensor so that the light from the LEDs can shine through it. That way you should be able to touch the area directly in front of your lights.

Nirzaree (author)  Ugifer3 years ago
Heyy! Thnx for looking through the project.. :)

Well, I wanted to do some touch sensing using the materials that I had at home.. which included a plain aluminium foil...

I ll search for such fine mesh n wen I get one, ll give it a try..

Happy D.I.Y.ing!


Sharvaree3 years ago
Great work!
Nirzaree (author)  Sharvaree3 years ago
thnx Sharz... :)
themoose643 years ago
This is cool and creative. I love the LEDs
Nirzaree (author)  themoose643 years ago
hey thanx.. :)