Picture of Arduino controlled Ping Pong Balls Launcher

Hi everyone!

This is a ping pong balls launcher designed to be controlled by an arduino.

It uses a servo to dispense the balls and two motors with wheels to give speed and shoot them.

All the pieces can be printed using an 3D printed and the base can be done using a CNC or a laser cutter. You can find all the files attached or on its Thingiverse page:

My parts and everything I needed to make this project were provided by Artica. Thanks guys!

Here you can see it mounted on a Magabot and shooting a Farrusco, being controlled through Skype using an hacked steering wheel:

On this second video you can see it being controlled using a kinect at the Let's Make Robots! table on Campus Party Europe in Berlin:

PS: I got inspired by this project: 
Have a look!
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Step 1: Gather the pieces

Picture of Gather the pieces
I will divide the necessary parts in two groups: the ones that are 3D printed or cut and the othrs you have to buy.

Fabricated parts:
  • Main Body
  • Servo Support
  • Two wheels
  • Two motor supports
  • PVC Base
Other parts:
  • Servo
  • Two motors
  • Two o-rings 
  • Bolts
  • Arduino and motor controller
  • Ping Pong Balls!

If you want to have a look and/or modify the model, you can have a look at the 123D project:

Main Body.stl

Motor Support.stl

Servo Support.stl


Wheel.stl304 KB

Step 2: Mount the servo support

Picture of Mount the servo support
Just use the two bolts to attach it to the main body.

Step 3: Add the servo

Picture of Add the servo
Attach the servo to the support using two screws. If you want, a zip tie will reinforce it.

To dispense the balls correctly you may need to cut your servo horn as you can see on the picture.

Step 4: Attach the motor supports to the base

Picture of Attach the motor supports to the base
Just screw them to the base and insert the motors on their place.

Tip: To keep your wires tide you can use a drill to twist them.

Step 5: Mount the wheels

Picture of Mount the wheels
Simply place the o-rings on the two wheels.

Step 6: Mount the main body on the base and attach the wheels to the motors

Picture of Mount the main body on the base and attach the wheels to the motors
Force the wheels onto the motors' shafts and make sure they are well placed.

Use the four screws to mount the main body on the base.
bbogdanmircea10 months ago

Great project, I like how you kept things simple !

I really want to make this, I made a ping pong launcher too but I am not happy with the result, yours seems much better !

XicoMBD (author)  bbogdanmircea10 months ago

Thanks! Good luck! :-)

ToniRose2 years ago
This would be so much fun with cats.
syahrulnizam4 months ago
mlam81 year ago

Can I adapt this to be controlled with a Raspberry Pi?