Picture of Arduino controlled webcam panner
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This is an instructable to show how to mount a webcam on a servo in a meccano frame and controlling it via an Arduino board.

For a while now I was looking to do something more than blinking LEDs with my Arduino.
This idea came to me while Skyping in our morning-meet with my colleagues to enable them to control what they see in our office.

So on a rainy  Sunday afternoon a while back I pitched it to a buddy of mine and we built the Arducam :)

When I initially wanted to add the Instructable I saw a number of similar instructables, some of which used a thumbstick. Having had an old PS3 remote laying around I decided to incorporate it before building the Instructable ;)

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Step 1: The meccano frame

Picture of The meccano frame
Photo 2012-07-15 12 04 57 PM.jpg
We used an old Meccano set that I picked up at a 2nd hand market to build the frame.
We built it to mount on my tri-pod.

Step 2: Connecting the shaft to the servo

Picture of Connecting the shaft to the servo
Photo 2012-07-15 12 07 59 PM.jpg
We used pratley putty to connect the shaft to the servo's gear.

I picked the cross-shaped gear for no better reason than that I thought I'll need it least of the lot of other gears that I got with the servo and saved them for future projects.

One has to take care to mount this really straight. I lined it up straight using my leveller (waterpas)

It was a fortunate co-incidence that the meccano bracket had almost the same width as the servo we used.
You can fix the servo to the base with a piece of double sided tape.
Awesome Stuff !!! Vol punte ;-)
4N7HR4X2 years ago
Hi there,

You visited us at the HyperVision Lab at UJ today where you saw my WIP lab robot. Just wondering, what servo you're currently using. And since you are using the analog stick froma PS3 controller, why not have it control the speed of rotation or something? It may not be of much use of you want your colleagues to control it remotely, but would be fun to implement, I think. And the satisfaction of it working...