This was something that I started for my son. He is now into bikes and skating so I suggested getting him an old helmet to prevent him messing up his hair while trying out the stunts he has seen the other kids do.

Anyhow, the idea was to make his helmet something special, so this was my Mad Eyes that I was thinking of putting into the helmet.
I am just waiting to find a suitable one to mod where the modding won't detract from the integrity. Or I suppose the most important thing here should be - should not stop him frm seeing where he was going!

That aside I have read up on a few methods to control 8x8 matrix and the more simple the better in my case!

So I decided to use a MAX7219 chip and the Arduino Uno ATmega328.

Step 1: Mad Eye Parts

For this little adventure you will need

MAX7219 chip ( I got mine from eBay)
01. uF capacitor
ATMega328 (or an UNO)
8x8 LED matrix (again, eBay)
a limiting resistor depending on your marrix
5V DC Power supply (you'll never guess, eBay!)

I get a lot of info from the Arduino.cc web site, they have all the info you could possibly need if you know where to look.

Although there is no capacitor shown on the schematic it should have a suppression capacitor of around 0.1 uF as close to the MAX chip as possible. Most instructables also mention this although the value does seem to change from one to another.

<p>Hi ,</p><p>Did you resolve the shutting down issue?</p>
<p>no i didnt :(</p>
<p>Nice insctructables! But and the end, the display shut off completly without showing again.. i have to reset it.</p><p>any ideas?</p><p>thank U!</p><p>marC:)</p>
<p>NO :-(</p>
<p>Have you used the code as is or have you modified it in any way?</p><p>Also, when you say it shuts off at the end do you mean it runs through each of the animations then stops?</p><p>Can you PM me a copy of your code and I will try and look over it for you.</p>
<p>Thank you for this awesome instructables : I made It! :-)</p>
Nice job :-)<br><br>I added a couple of switches in the code that changed the display to a space invader. Have fun!
<p>dude! one problem, after the sequence, it turns off.. do you have any ideas what's going on?</p><p>thank you!</p><p>have a good evening! :)</p><p>marC:)</p>

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