Step 4: Wiring!

This looks a lot harder than it actually is as there are so many wires involved.
I have done a schematic that shows it wire for wire, as mentioned before this does not include the 0.1 uF capacitor.

Once that is all done you should have a set of random animated eyes watching your every step :-)

If anyone does try this out I would love to know what you end up doing with them, I have a plan for a set of these and I will post some pictures at a later date.



I have noticed one slight mistake on the schematic, it is one of the connections is slightly too short, now noted on the image.

The other thing is that my UNO was only pumping out 3.8V on the 5V line, when you put the full 5V on to the MAX7219 chip it gets rather hot. So, I reduced the voltage and all is OK again.

<p>Hi ,</p><p>Did you resolve the shutting down issue?</p>
<p>no i didnt :(</p>
<p>Nice insctructables! But and the end, the display shut off completly without showing again.. i have to reset it.</p><p>any ideas?</p><p>thank U!</p><p>marC:)</p>
<p>NO :-(</p>
<p>Have you used the code as is or have you modified it in any way?</p><p>Also, when you say it shuts off at the end do you mean it runs through each of the animations then stops?</p><p>Can you PM me a copy of your code and I will try and look over it for you.</p>
<p>Thank you for this awesome instructables : I made It! :-)</p>
Nice job :-)<br><br>I added a couple of switches in the code that changed the display to a space invader. Have fun!
<p>dude! one problem, after the sequence, it turns off.. do you have any ideas what's going on?</p><p>thank you!</p><p>have a good evening! :)</p><p>marC:)</p>

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