Step 5: Files in All Formats

This is just the different files in image and PDF forms if you need more clarity.
<p>Hi ,</p><p>Did you resolve the shutting down issue?</p>
<p>no i didnt :(</p>
<p>Nice insctructables! But and the end, the display shut off completly without showing again.. i have to reset it.</p><p>any ideas?</p><p>thank U!</p><p>marC:)</p>
<p>NO :-(</p>
<p>Have you used the code as is or have you modified it in any way?</p><p>Also, when you say it shuts off at the end do you mean it runs through each of the animations then stops?</p><p>Can you PM me a copy of your code and I will try and look over it for you.</p>
<p>Thank you for this awesome instructables : I made It! :-)</p>
Nice job :-)<br><br>I added a couple of switches in the code that changed the display to a space invader. Have fun!
<p>dude! one problem, after the sequence, it turns off.. do you have any ideas what's going on?</p><p>thank you!</p><p>have a good evening! :)</p><p>marC:)</p>

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