Step 2: Motor H Bridge

For motor driver I made my own shield using l293 IC . The l293 IC is a dual h bridge IC and works up to a output of 9v. For higher load use lm 298 IC . The output 1&2 go to the right motor and output 3&4 go to the left motor.

input 1 to arduino 2
input 2 to arduino 4
input 3 to arduino 5
input 4 to arduino 7
chip inhibit to arduino 3
chip inhibit to arduino 6
vss to arduino 5v
vc to +of 6v battery
Connect the grounds together. And connect one ground to arduino and another to - 6v battery. Solder the IC to the PCB and add some pins at the end ,make sure the pins enter the arduino without damaging it.
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Hey, do you have the code for the robot <br>I can't get the movement correct it always stops working <br>by the way it will be arduino (uno) powered
it will be autonomous I just need the code <br>Thanks

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