Introduction: Arduino Mood Lighting

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This instructable will show you who to build a rgb lighting system with an arduino. You can also control it with an ipod/iphone/ipad using touchOSC. In my previous instructable I showed how to control one rgb led in this you can control heaps with a single chip the ULN2003A.

Step 1: Parts

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You will need

ULN2003A ic or equivilent
common cathode RGB LED's(- + - -)
jumper wires
breadboard or perfboard
Resistors based on your led(I used one per channel)
Cable for linking RGB LED's around your home(optional)

Step 2: The Circuit

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Red to pin 9
green to pin 10
blue to pin 11

Step 3: Program

Use the code below for your system

There are two sets of code bellow one is a simple flash red, flash green, flash blue and is my code.The other is ipod controlled with aduino IDE and processing code it requires the oscpc5 processing library and is ipod/iphone/ipad controlled using touchOSC.

Step 4: Add-Ons

This was a brief instructable showing you how to build an arduino mood lighting system. You could add switches to each channel or add activity lights to each channel or add more channels. There is the new ULN2803 which is 8 channel not seven but is use this chip because you can have several channels and a common anode or cathode and have it run down 8-core wire. 


djmason9 (author)2013-12-10

I did one of these too!

DarrenM50 (author)djmason92017-07-16

i updated my links heres my version of this project

pachytrance (author)2016-01-07

thanks for share. I'll try

johnnysoko (author)2011-05-01

This is a beginner question, but if you were to make this without the breadboard, how would you mount the ULN2003A to the Aurduino?

PoisonMondo (author)johnnysoko2011-06-13

ill send a pic later its night here

PoisonMondo (author)PoisonMondo2011-06-13

it's hard to mount it withoud a breadboard or perfboard, if u have a protosheild u could solder it onto that to make it more compact.

ralnraln (author)2011-05-23

what does the final product look like / do? Post a vid! or a picture series of it in action!!

PoisonMondo (author)ralnraln2011-06-13

ill post a video later, i destroyed this model so ill have to build it again

PoisonMondo (author)PoisonMondo2011-06-13

also i dont have the telephone cable anymore that runs to the other module so it will just be the one on the breadboard

d77uk (author)2011-01-30

Just wondering what the purpose of the IC is? Can't you just do this with PWM direct from the arduino?

PoisonMondo (author)d77uk2011-02-08

the chip is used for driving heaps of leds for large scale purposes if you aren't using to many led's you can just use the pins straight off.

hightekrednek2396 (author)2010-12-15

whats the maximum amount of leds you can control with the 1 chip

i am not quite sure but i can control 25 rgb leds without any problems:)


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