Step 2: Buttons and LEDs

Picture of Buttons and LEDs
I used two buttons:
button one is connected to Ground (GND) and the reset pin of the arduino.
The second one is to manually start the RGB LED, because it's always fun to change the color of an LED. It's connected to Pin 7 and +5V. And to pull the pin low there's a resistor (10K) connected to GND.
The RGB LED is connected to Pin 17 to 19 on the arduino. (Would be better to connect them to the PWM pins)
The yellow LEDs are attached to Pin 16
The servo is attached to Pin 6 (and +5V and GND)
The display uses Pin 2 as LatchPin, Pin 3 as DataPin and Pin 4 as ClockPin. It's juice it gets from +5V and GND
The light resistor is attached to analogue pin 1 and +5V and to GND using some resitors (2.4K)

Choose the correct resistors for your leds for example by using ElectroDroid on your smartphone.