Picture of Arduino powered RC tank
  This is my first instructable so please bear with me. My name is Stanley Deakins and I have been playing with electronics for quite some time, though it was years ago. Due to my recent employment I have rekindle that passion. I have gotten my hands on a few electronic kits but I wanted to do something more on my own.. something a little more challenging.

  Fabricating something to function differently from the manufactured use has always fascinated me. Seeing how the holiday season has came to a close I decided to try to hop on some clearance toys. The first one I bought was a RC truck. Messed with if for a few days and decided that I wanted to go with another platform. The next one I went with was the Popular Mechanics RC tank. This was a much more manageable platform and the basis for this instructable. 
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Step 1: Parts list and Tool list

Picture of Parts list and Tool list
All the parts in this instructable can be purchased at your local Radioshack. I've made it convenient by listing the sku number as well as the price. All of the items on this list can be reused for other projects. Nothing Is permanently attach. No glue or tape.

Part List

                 Part - Sku - Price
Arduino Uno Rev.3 - 2760128 - $34.99
Seeedstudio Motor Shield - 2760242 - $19.99
Seeedstudio Proto Shield - 2760244 - $9.99
Popular Mechanic RC tank - 2800041 - $27.99
9.6v RC connector - 2300445 - $5.29
9.6v RC Battery Pack - 2301171 - $29.99
Parallax Ping Sensor - 2760136 - $32.99

Tool List

Soldering iron
20 gauge solid wire
Screw driver set
Wire stripper/cutter

Step 2: Building the tank

Picture of Building the tank
Basically assembly the wheels and add the treads and your ready to move onto the next step. You will not need the parts pictured in the second photo.
landy311 months ago

You can buy everything used in this robot


AeonOne (author)  landy37 months ago

Yeah you can.. however the price total for the entire project is cheaper than just the tracks pictured here. Also the arduino, battery, and ping sensor are reusable.

abencomo1 year ago

Nice work! We built a similar project. However, we installed an Android device onto a RC car and used an IOIO board instead to control it autonomously. Here is the preliminary result:

johnHob2 years ago
Thanks for sharing... Actually I need some models of rc tanks and its prices also. Because the remote system of the remote control tanks is one of the best you for enjoying.
berrymartin2 years ago
A very Nice blog and i really like that. I have also learned something new. I must say that the capability and features of a rc tank make it more desirable and demanding. A very good work done. Thanks for sharing.....
AeonOne (author) 2 years ago
I appreciate the kind words though I truly meant recent employment. I started working at RadioShack a few months ago. Haha thanks for checking it out.
kebmsmith2 years ago
I'll bet you meant "recent UNemployment". Sorry to hear it, but glad you're doing something creative in the mean time. Best of luck getting back to the grind. Come to think of it, best of luck using your creativity to find something that's *not* a grind.