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DD-9602 is my new robot. It is a robotic arm fixed on mobil base.

It has 4 servomotors and two motors DC to control the base. The robot is controlled from RC controller, but using Arduino we can control also movement on the ground.

I bought the component from HobbyKing and other site.

From HobbyKing:

· DG012-Tank SV (Standard Version) Multi Chassis Kit with Two Rubber Tracks.

· 2X Turnigy TGY-S902 Metal Gear Digital Robot Servo 13kg / 0.14sec / 58g.

· 2X Corona CS238MG Metal Gear Servo 4.6kg/ 22g/ 0.14sec.

· Turnigy TGY-i6 AFHDS Transmitter and 6CH Receiver (Mode 2).

Other site:

· Arduino UNO Rev 3

· Arduino Motor Shield

· robot gripper

. Jumper

· Batteries

· screw, bolts, threaded rods, etc.

Fases to construction:

1. Digital drawing for 3D component .

2. 3D printing.

3. Assembly.

4. Union of arm with the base.

5. Sketch.

Step 1: Digital Drawing for 3D Components

I drew the components with Blender and NetFabb to control if there were errors.

You can download this file, if you have some ideas to improve the components, tell me, please!! You are free to change my work.

Step 2: 3D Printing

Step 3: Assembly

You must assemble the chassis following the instructions.

You complete the arm with screw, bolts and threads

rods. Attach the gripper to the arm.

Step 4: Union of the Arm With the Base

The motor shield is connected to a DC motor (motor A: cable red +, cable black -, motor B: viceversa).

The Rx has 6 channel, the first two are connected to Arduino, the others are directly attached to the servo motors.

If you have a question ask me!!!

Step 5: Sketch

Download and improve if you want.

Step 6: The End

For the batteries now i have some problems because they are discharged. In the video you can observe the power pack, it is recycled (INPUT: 100-240V 50/60Hz, OUTPUT: 9V 1A).

if i use only power back the wheels turn without the tracks. In the last video the turned because I also turned on the 6V batteries.

Power for Rx come from Arduino 5V.

Remember the RC control is for model airplanes, not for the arm, consequently, You must set the control to improve the angle of movement.

The robot is complete, I' m not english, I hope that my english is ok and you understand.

Hopefully next month you will get an update.

Step 7: Updating

1) I bought the rechargeable batteries from Amazon.

Only 8 batteries AA to work on the robot and 4 to RC control.

Coming soon: new video.

2) New livrea. Do you like this? video

3) New video out-door: video



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Hey man great design. Is there anyway that I can buy a cheeper controller? If not what is the total cost of this robot, this includes the 3d parts? Thanks.

Hey, thank you!

I don't know... I'm sorry, but I don't remember the costs. You can try to check on HobbyKings

Hellou everybody.
If someone need to print this, just send me a message with model parts. ---> Its only FB page

Hi, this project really very helpfull. Hope i can do its in my final project. i need the circuit of board and more details about this project. here i throw my email:

too bad 3D printing are expensive in my country.. :(

Hi, i have made the robot but i still dont know where the wires connect and also how to connect ( what wires to use).
The only connection i knew was the tank wires which I connected. The servo motors with the female ends- not sure where to connect and how.
Please help.

I will share new photos.

Ok. I hope I can make this work. Thanks

New photos in step 4.

really awesome job, how long did it take you to make this?