Step 7: Response!

I am looking for some opinions, as this is my GCSE Technology PCB, as well as being useful otherwise. I would like some opinions about some or all of the following things if you are able: 

if you've made it, does it work/problems/general feedback/pics
refinements that could be made
aesthetics/ergonomics - does it look good/is it easy to use
is there any better way of actually manufacturing it?
any other comments

Thank you very much for your time. 

electro182 years ago
One question : how can we put our logo in eagle pcb layout?
AntMan232 (author)  electro182 years ago
Can't remember XD I think there was an import option, or a ULP? (forgotten the acronym - the library code thing).
:D great ! btw nice work!
terryd153 years ago

You could have finished your board by cutting to shape with a junior hacksaw (this is how I do it even with GRP boards) and filing with emery cloth held on a flat file. It is not much slower than using a disk sander and is more controllable. Also rounded corners, while not important, would make it look a little better and show that you took a little bit of pride in your work.

Instead of using a laser to mark the component side a nice professional finish can be achieved with the 'toner transfer' method followed by a spray varnish - not cellulose base as the acetone thinner dissolves the toner - use an acrylic based one or a clear, water based brush-able one.

I like the etched logo, looks professional, pity the AW didn't turn out well. You could have filled the spaces with resist as that would use less etchant and allow notes to be etched on the copper side of the board.

Hope this is of use, best of luck with your project.
A better way of manufacturing it would be to send the files and have someone make them. Seeedstudio is by far the cheapest and easiest(that i've found).